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Guided City Walks 

Colombo Walks is a small family run initiative which offers an enhanced experience to both locals and visitors that truly bring out the vibrant colours and deep history that lies at the heart of Colombo.

Colombo Walks is a great way to experience the heart of the city in a fun and fit way.

Rather than travelling in comfort on a tour bus, bounce around in tuk tuks or other motor powered vehicles that pollute the environment we promote a type of tourism that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and educational for all age groups and fitness levels.

It is our hope that the structures and stories that stand as a legacy to Colombo continue to be remembered and passed on to future generations.

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Colombo expert Harold Sandrasagara leads daily walking tours of the historic precincts of Fort and Pettah that last 2½ to three hours. He provides insights into these fascinating areas that you could never discover on your own. Tours (which include a stop for a snack) leave from the Dutch Hospital; book in advance.


Phone / Whatsapp
+94 775 600333

Start point

Entrance to the Dutch Hospital Precinct. Opposite World Trade Centre, Colombo 1


Daily 6.45am, 11am, 4pm
Duration Approx 2.5 - 3 hours

Pricing (includes a light Sri Lankan Breakfast, Lunch or Evening Tea + Pot of Tea + King Coconut while we walk!)

Tours starting at

Adults 4000 LKR (27 USD)
Children 1500 LKR (10 USD) 

Private Tours starting at 5000 LKR (33 USD) per person

*for children below 12 years of age

To begin with you will have to take few steps forward on our tour in order take a step back and re-visit the birth of Colombo.

There are very few people who would know the beginnings of Colombo or as us Sri Lankans say ‘Kolamba’.

The hustle and bustle of city life creates an environment in which time seems to pass quicker. Progress and Economic Development slowly but steadily hide the true essence and character of a city and before you know it the history, culture and architecture that a great city was built on is soon forgotten. We at Colombo Walks plan to keep this rich heritage alive!

The tours start daily at 6.45am at the entrance to the old Dutch Hospital precinct.

Capture the essence of Colombo as the sun rises at the Colombo Lighthouse. Learn about the Arab, Portuguese, Dutch and British Colonizations, all of whom foresaw the potential of Colombo with its own natural harbour and of course the strategic location of Sri Lanka as a major shipping route between the east and west with its close proximity to India.  Each of these colonies left a part of history behind in Colombo like the Lady Ward Clock Tower and Fort Railway Station.

Taste a freshly cut King Coconut or ‘Thambili’ as its locally known and engulf yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of the Pettah Bazzar while you walk down Main Street and see the morning come alive as people set up shop. Visit curiosities like the Largest Chandelier in South East Asia and view some of the ancient coins of Sri Lanka.

The Grand Red Mosque better known as Jami Ul Alfar Mosque seem to truly transport you to another time.

These are just a few of the stops we make on our tour.

Finishing up the walk is just as exciting as starting the walk. A hearty Sri Lankan breakfast awaits and before 9am you would have a few more memories to hold onto.

We Love Colombo - so for the people of Sri Lanka let us continue to remember the beginning of our vibrant city and its heritage. And for our guests from around the globe spread the word and share what you learn with the world.

Some would say that Colombo Walks is a journey of discovery and others a journey of re-discovery.

“There is no better way to experience a city than walking through it and becoming part of it!”...
— Nicola Clark, UK

At Colombo Walks we don't have guides. We have Harold!

Born in the very heart of Colombo, Harold has grown up with Colombo and seen its urbanization. An avid player of soccer and cricket he has played in the very streets you will walk down. 

A retired businessman, striving entrepreneur and the soul of Colombo Walks, he is enthusiastic about sharing his city with you and at the same time re-visiting the memories of his childhood. Communication is key as you walk down the backstreets of Colombo and Harold speaks fluent English, Sinhalese and Tamil.

There are places in Colombo that are secret in a way that only the people that grew up in the heart of Colombo would know so without further ado let Our Harold show you Our Colombo on your walk!



Book a Tour

For reservations and availability please contact us via phone/whatsapp on +94 775 600333
or email us at explore@colombowalks.com

Start point

Entrance to the Dutch Hospital Precinct. Opposite World Trade Centre, Colombo 1


Daily 6.45am, 11am, 4pm
Duration Approx 2.5 - 3 hours (No Worries we always pace ourselves according to the group so everyone has fun!)


(includes a light Sri Lankan Breakfast, Lunch or Evening Tea + Pot of Tea + King Coconut while we walk!)

Tours starting at

Adults : 4000 LKR (27 USD)
Children : 1500 LKR (10 USD) *

Private Tours 

Adults : 5000 LKR (33 USD)
Children : 1500 LKR (10 USD) *

*for children below 12 years of age

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